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Blocked Drains and The Spanish Arqueta – What are they?

Blocked Drains and The Spanish Arqueta – What are they?

Blocked Spanish DrainsThe first thing that needs addressing in this article for you, the reader, is what an ‘arqueta’ actually is.

Well, the easiest way of explaining it, is to imagine, a rather crude brick-built box. Some people refer to them as buried man-holes. This however is a far to glamorous description.

The word arqueta literally translates from Spanish into English as PIT which is a far better description. Let’s call something that it actually is.

So, what is this pit? And, how does it affect your blocked drains?

Here in Southern Spain, it is common practice not to use bends or joins in your drainage pipes. So, what they do, is each time they want to change direction or join more than one pipe together is they build a brick box. This brick box, as you can imagine, becomes a rather large problem with your drainage system. For the following reasons.

Modern pipes are designed to be smooth. And, they offer very little resistance to the effluent material flowing down them.  However, when this effluent material hits a rather crude square structure, I’m sure you can picture what happens. Just in case you can’t, imagine a monkey throwing faeces at the corner of your living room. It’s going to get stuck there. And over time if this proverbial monkey keeps throwing its faeces in the corner of your living room …

… it’s going to build up. And up.

Then eventually last night’s dinner doesn’t have anywhere to go, and your drains don’t drain anymore.

Bad building ethics in Spain are direct cause of your blocked drains.

Under the great guidance of the ‘grounds work foreman’ these pits get buried. With no sign, or indication, as to where they are. This means, when they block up, there’s nothing you personally can normally do about it.

And they do block up, more often than not.

The other problem these pits present is, no drain clearing equipment can get passed them. Which, (as horrifying as it sounds) means your floor in your house will have to be broken up to access it. Which is another problem, unless you have equipment to trace where it is. Most people just guesstimate where it may be, and break up your house in pure hope of finding it.

Where as, here at 10-Aqua, all our vans carry radio location equipment (commonly referred to as a sonde). Meaning, rather than digging up your entire home in hope of finding the illusive ‘arqueata’ we find it with pin point accuracy. Opening up a hole normally no bigger than one floor tile.

Owning a home in Spain doesn’t come without it’s problems.

The simplicity of it is, here in Southern Spain, you’re more likely than not, going to have problems with your home. Not just your drains. Because the building standards you have become accustomed to cease to exist when you cross the border.  Find the right people to deal with your problem and these problems cease to be such a dilemma.

You will find many ‘cowboys’ along the Costa del Sol. People arriving in Spain as accountants and ending up trading as builders, plumbers and electricians. This means you often find yourself stuck with a bad tradesman. Because, they’re not actually a tradesman.

Call in 10-Aqua however, and you find your presence graced with fully qualified technicians, operating out of fully equipped vehicles.

All of our vehicles are fully equipped with all of the specialist equipment required to deal with the great Spanish arqueta. Coupled with fully qualified technicians enabling us to fix your problem. Meaning this arqueta which is a problem for many, is actually no longer a problem.

A look at some of our specialist equipment

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